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    Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

    Louis le Brocquy, Jack Butler Yeats, Roderic O’Conor, Colin Middleton, Dan O’Neill, Barrie Cooke, Patrick Collins, John Luke, Gladys MacCabe, Markey Robinson, Arthur Maderson, Harry Kernoff, Maurice Wilks, Percy French, all feature at the sale of Important Irish Art at James Adam in Dublin on March 23.  The cover lot is A Connemara Village by Paul Henry (70,000-100,000).  The catalogue, which lists 211 lots, is online.  Here is a small selection. This being Cheltenham Week we have included a couple of horse images:

    (See post on for January 8, 2016)

    Louis le Brocquy (1916-2012) Being, watercolour (10,000-15,000)

    Louis le Brocquy (1916-2012) Being, watercolour (10,000-15,000)  UPDATE: THIS MADE 17,000 AT HAMMER

    Man Reading by Jack Butler Yeats (1871-1947) - (60,000-90,000).

    Man Reading by Jack Butler Yeats (1871-1947) – (60,000-90,000).  UPDATE: THIS MADE 92,000 AT HAMMER

    Nassau Blair Brown (1867-1940) - Charmer, Skipaway and Skipoker, a set of three from 1913 (3,000-5,000)

    Nassau Blair Brown (1867-1940) – Charmer, Skipaway and Skipoker, a set of three from 1913 (3,000-5,000)  UPDATE: THIS MADE 3,800 AT HAMMER

    Roderic O'Conor, Nu Brun Assis (8,000-12,000)

    Roderic O’Conor, Nu Brun Assis (8,000-12,000)  UPDATE: THIS MADE 30,000 AT HAMMER

    Liam O'Neill (b 1954) Hometurn (4,000-6,000)

    Liam O’Neill (b 1954) Hometurn (4,000-6,000)  UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR 8,000 AT HAMMER


    Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

    Paul Henry's Achill Village at Sotheby's Irish sale on March 29. (click on image to enlarge) UPDATE: IT MADE £58,850

    Roderic O'Conor, Landscape at Cassis at Sotheby's Irish sale on March 29. (click on image to enlarge) UPDATE; IT MADE £337,250

    Roderic O’Conor and Paul Henry sought inspiration from landscapes in different though beautiful locations.

    O’Conor favoured in France while Henry is most noted for his art in the west of Ireland.

    Each one features at Sotheby’s annual Irish sale in London on March 29.  Roderic O’Conor’s Landscape, Cassis is estimated at £120,000-180,000 (€140,000-210,000) while Paul Henry’s Achill Village is estimated at £30,000-50,000 (€36,300-60,500)


    Monday, November 22nd, 2010

    Fisherman in a Currach is the title of this 1910 work by Paul Henry. It features at the Whyte's sale in Dublin on November 29. (click to enlarge) UPDATE: IT MADE 145,000

    Donegal Dancer by William Conor features at Whyte's on November 29. It is estimated at 3,000-5,000. UPDATE: THIS WAS UNSOLD

    Painted shortly after Paul Henry first arrived on Achill Island in 1910 the painting on the left is one of a number of works that record the artist’s excitement at his new found surroundings. It is entitled Fisherman in a Currach. The setting is Achill Island and must almost certainly be the Cathedral Rocks at the northern end of the Menawn Cliffs at Keel; the distant island is Inishgallon.  The work will feature at the Whyte’s sale in the RDS on Monday, November 29 at 6 p. m.  It is estimated at 100,000-150,000.
    There are a number of works in the sale donated by leading Irish artists to raise funds for Amnesty International.  Among those who have contributed paintings are Robert Ballagh, Barrie Cooke and Alice Maher.
    There is an illustration by Harry Clarke of John Keats’  The Eve of St. Agnes and this 191 lot sale features works by Percy French and William Conor and a Mediterranean scene by Nathanial Hone.
    The venue for the sale is the RDS Clyde Rooms, Anglesea Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.  Viewing is from Saturday, November 27 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.
    UPDATE: Fisherman in a Currach was the top lot at this sale. It made 145,000.  Harry Clarke’s illusation for The Eve of St. Agnes made 15,500.  Watercolours by Percy French made various sums of between 1,500 and 6,000 and most of the offerings from William Conor sold too.  Conor’s The Potato Pickers made 21,000. Nathanial Hone’s Fishing Boats at Villefranche c1880 made 35,000, John Behan’s unique bronze Famine Ship made 10,000 and a diptych by John Shinnors sold for 14,500