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    Des O’Sullivan’s art ant blog is an independent up to the minute guide designed to help you keep in touch with the ever changing range of what is on offer at the auctions, the fairs, the galleries and the shows in southern Ireland.

    It is for everyone, including you.  Headlines are grabbed by the most expensive pieces. Yet every sale has its bargain and hundreds of lots – furniture, paintings, prints, porcelain, glass, silver, clocks, bronzes, jewellery and collectables – change hands for low prices every month.

    Above all, collecting is fun.  Anyone, on any level of income, can be a collector, even in a recession.  Living intelligently, with a sense of style and grace, can be done on a shoestring. There is tremendous value out there for all but the very best pieces, and everyday quality antique furniture can be picked up for a song. All you need to know is where to look….

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