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    Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022
    Dublin Horse Show 1928 by Sir John Lavery. UPDATE: THIS MADE 105,000 AT HAMMER

    This 1928 painting of the Dublin Horse Show by Sir John Lavery was once gifted by Hazel Lavery to the Irish playwright Lennox Robinson. It is among the highlights at de Veres timed online auction of Outstanding Irish Art which begins to close from 6 pm today. The auction features a collection of Irish 18th Century Landscape paintings including works by Sir William Ashford, George Barrett, James Arthur O’Connor and Natahaniel Grogan as well as five Irish side tables from a private collection in Cork.

    UPDATE: It was a successful evening at de Veres. Among the top hammer prices were: Paul Henry – Cottages by the Lake (€75,000); Roderic O’Conor – Landscape with a view to the sea (€70,0000; Jack B Yeats – The train through the woods (€60,000); William Ashford – Rocky River Landscape (€55,000); William Scott – Deep Blues (€50,000); Sean Keating – Unloading the turf (€50,000) and landscapes by George Barrett, James Arthur O’Connor and James Coy each made €40,000.


    Saturday, November 19th, 2022
    Morning Prayer, Cottage Interior, Co. Cork, 1901 by James Brenan at Whyte’s. UPDATE: THIS MADE 9,500 AT HAMMER

    Collectors of Irish art have an array of choice across all price levels in the run up to Christmas.  The fun gets underway on Tuesday as timed online Irish art sales at Sotheby’s and de Veres get underway with artists and sculptors from F.E. McWilliam,  Rowan Gillespie, Roderic O’Conor, Patrick Scott and William Crozier at Sotheby’s to Tony O’Malley, John Shinnors, Donald Teskey, Sir John Lavery and Colin Middleton at de Veres.

    Still Life and Window by Tony O’Malley at de Veres. UPDATE: THIS MADE 44,000 AT HAMMER

    The selection at de Veres includes a collection of Irish 18th century landscapes and Irish Georgian tables from a private Cork collection as well as oils by Paul Henry, Jack Yeats, Roderic O’Conor and many eminent artists.The online sale at Sotheby’s will introduce a strong representation of contemporary Irish artists and sculptors to worldwide clients.

    Irish highlights at Sotheby’s sale of Modern British and Irish art in London next Wednesday include two early oils by Yeats, Going to the Races, 1917  (€230,400-€345,600) and Sunday Morning, 1921 (€172,800-€288,000) and The Fisherman’s Cottage c1950 by Gerard Dillon (€92,170-€138,300).

    Woman of Kinsale by Patrick Hennessy at Sotheby’s. UPDATE: THIS MADE £7,560

    Viewing for Whyte’s evening sale of Important Irish Art on November 28 gets underway in Dublin next Wednesday.  There are major works by Paul Henry, Louis le Brocquy, Mainie Jellett, Walter Osborne, Sean Keating, Mary Swanzy and Roderic O’Conor. Morning Prayer, Cottage Interior, County Cork, 1901 by James Brenan (1837-1907), headmaster at the Cork School of Art in the 1860’s, is the only known oil painting to show a canopy bed with a boarded, canted roof.  The art historian Dr. Claudia Kinmonth reports that these highly functional beds endured throughout Ireland well into the 20th century as they enabled poor families to huddle together and stay warm.  At a time when TB was rampant they were condemned by medics. Lot 6 is estimated at €10,000-€15,000.

    Currachs Returning, Moonlight, Connemara Coast by Ciaran Clear at Morgan O’Driscoll. UPDATE: THIS MADE 6,600 AT HAMMER

    Artists from Kenneth Webb and Norah McGuinness to Sean Scully and Mainie Jellett will feature among the highlights at Morgan O’Driscoll’s current online sale of Irish art.  This continues until November 29 and like all the sales mentioned in this piece, the catalogue is online. The appetising selection includes work by Ciaran Clear, Martin Gale, Charles Harper, George Campbell and Arthur Maderson.

    The autumn/winter art selling season will draw to a close with an evening sale of important Irish Art at James Adam in Dublin on December 7.  There are 144 lots in total with two works by Yeats and an important triptych by John Shinnors entitled Line.  This is a response by the Limerick artist to a painting by the British post impressionist Frank Bramley entitled Domino at the Crawford Gallery in Cork.


    Saturday, October 29th, 2022
     Touch Vessels by Niamh Barry at Adam. UPDATE: THESE WERE UNSOLD

    With notable exceptions like Eileen Grey and Joseph Walsh Irish designers tend to get overlooked when it comes to auctions of design. Upcoming timed online sales of  design at de Veres in Dublin on November 1 and at Adams on on November 8 feature the sort of  designer pieces from the middle of the last century and later that are increasingly in vogue here.

    There is a wide selection of Danish, Italian and French work available but where are the modernist Irish designers?  Artists like Felim Egan and Cecil King, couturier Sybil Connolly whose designs were used on porcelain by Tiffany and Co. and craft makers like the Dixon Carpet Company of Oughterard, established as V’Soske Joyce in 1957 were ahead of the curve. Did they flourish in isolation?  Hardly.
    We have designers, craftspeople and innovators in plenty who remain relatively  unknown or overlooked.  Half a century ago, when the Kilkenny Design Workshops was in its infancy, the international view was that the Irish produced only remarkable writers and poets.  That theory has been debunked enough to make one wonder whether as yet unheralded Irish designers are waiting to be discovered. Innnovative designers of every sort feature at crowd pulling events like the annual Crafts Fair at the RDS – the next one runs from November 30-December 4.

    Intrusion by Cecil King at de Veres. UPDATE; THIS MADE 2,200 AT HAMMER

    One of the most expensive pieces at Adams is from an Irish artist that few of us have heard of. Niamh Barry’s “Touch” vessels – hand raised, mirror polished, patinated and brushed solid bronze – are estimated at €20,000-€30,000. After graduating in ceramics from the NCAD in 1991 Niamh Barry turned to metalworking and began translating the natural landscape into metal forms. After decades of perfecting her craft critical acclaim followed her representation by Todd Merrill, the Manhattan dealer in 20th century design. Then her debut at Art Basel Switzerland led to a steady stream of commissions. Her work has been exhibited in London, New York, Switzerland, Dubai, Toronto, Miami and at a solo exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland.The catalogues for the sales at Adams and de Veres feature stylish design pieces for every nook and cranny of the contemporary home and are online.  There will be viewing at de Veres this Bank Holiday weekend and viewing gets underway at Adams on November 5.


    Sunday, September 11th, 2022
    Oval centre table estimated at just €400-€600. UPDATE: THIS MADE 600 AT HAMMER

    Just like Patrick Kavanagh you might meet your object of desire on Raglan Road on an autumn day.  In the case of the poet it was a lady whose dark hair would weave a snare which he might one day rue. In yours and mine, more prosaically, it could just be something from the timed auction that de Veres is running at 25 Raglan Road until September 19. The auctioneers say this entire sale offers a window into the mind of an interior designer  and that this is an opportunity to pick up pieces as new. The mix of antique, modern and contemporary furniture is complemented by lighting, prints, mirrors, soft furnishings, porcelain and household items.  One of the most expensively estimated lots is an Andrew Martin sofa (€1,000-€2,000).  Mirrors, chairs, curtains, dressing tables, lamps, lined curtains, chests of drawers and porcelain are all very reasonably estimated, many at under €300.  There will be viewing at the house next Friday, Saturday and Sunday week.  The catalogue is online now.


    Saturday, September 10th, 2022
    Direct Provision by Brian Maguire at Morgan O’Driscoll. UPDATE: THIS MADE 1,100 AT HAMMER

    The autumn Irish art selling season gets underway in a spirit of optimism this month.  It kicks off with Morgan O’Driscoll’s online sale on September 12 and there will be auctions of Important Irish Art at Whyte’s, and Adams on September 26 and 28 respectively. At James Adam the belief is that there has never been a better time to sell Irish art. Price records continue to be broken at auctions.  Sales of Important Irish Art at Adams in 2021 and 2022 have grossed over €8.5 million to date. The sale at Adams on September 28 will include art by Norah McGuinness, Roderic O’Conor, Daniel O’Neill, Louis le Brocquy and Hughie O’Donoghue.

    The selection at Whyte’s is appetising.  Here you will find work by Jack Butler Yeats, Roderic O’Conor, John Lavery, Seán Keating, Norah McGuinness, Harry Kernoff, Mainie Jellett, Colin Middleton, Grace Henry, William Scott, Pauline Bewick, Louis le Brocquy, John Shinnors, Donald Teskey, Joseph Edward Southall, Bob Dylan and many others. At the time of writing the catalogue for de Veres sale is not to hand. This is an auction house that rarely disappoints and you are likely to find a particularly good selection of fine contemporary Irish art.

    Rivermouth by Jack B Yeats at Whyte’s. UPDATE: THIS MADE 180,000 AT HAMMER

    With monthly online sales interspersed with auctions of Important Irish and International Art shown in normal times for viewing both in London and New York Skibbereen based Morgan O’Driscoll keeps the ball rolling more than any other auctioneer of art in Ireland.  The online catalogue for the auction next Monday offers much to choose from.  The selection ranges from Yeats,  Harry Kernoff, Nano Reid, May Guinness and Colin Middleton to Pauline Bewick, Felim Egan, Tony O’Malley and the French born Los Angeles based Mr. Brainwash whose work he has been successfully selling in latter years.

    Contemporary art is driven by the experiences of contemporary life. The artist Brian Maguire never shirks difficult subjects. He is driven by the struggle against inequality and violence and is represented in this sale by a challenging work entitled Direct Provision. It features faces, bright eyes and white teeth against a darkand brooding ground.  The acrylic on paper is estimated at €2,000-€3,000. Now firmly established as a first world country where refugees seek a haven it is no harm to be reminded that we Irish among the dispossessed not too long ago.  John Behan’s unique bronze Famine Ship, lot 89 at Morgan O’Driscoll with an estimate of €8,000-€12,000, is a reminder of a  dark and risky past that still exists for others today. In the 21st century the focus has shifted from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and the English Channel.  

    John Behan – West of Ireland, Famine Ship at Morgan O’Driscoll. UPDATE: THIS MADE 16,000 AT HAMMER


    Sunday, July 10th, 2022
    Djinn lounge chair by Olivier Mourgue. UPDATE: THIS MADE 400 AT HAMMER

    Anyone travelling by air this summer quickly learns one harsh truth.  Those of us paying the piper do not call the tune.  Which makes one lot at de Veres online art and design auction, which runs until July 12, of great if impractical interest.  It won’t fit in your carry on bag but lot 16 at de Veres is this Djinn lounge chair by Olivier Mourgue for Airborne International.  Just the thing when your flight has been cancelled and you have been abandoned.  The estimate is just €400-€600. There are chairs by Charles and Ray Eames and Ligne Roset, Italian sofas, contemporary tables and antique desks but most of the 146 lots in this sale are artworks.  All of them are at highly affordable prices as this is one of a number of sales by de Veres designed for those who are dipping their toes into the market for the first time.  Among the art lots are a number of mid century set designs by Reginald Grey for theatres like The Gate, The Globe and The Pike.


    Saturday, June 11th, 2022
    A Lament (The Funeral of Harry Boland) by Jack B Yeats. UPDATE: THIS WAS UNSOLD

    The auction of outstanding Irish Art and Sculpture which runs until June 14 at de Veres offers significant works by Roderic O’Conor and Jack B Yeats alongside artists from David Godbold, Tony O’Malley and Norah McGuinness to contemporary artists like Hughie O’Donoghue and Elizabeth Magill to the sculptures of Sandra Bell, Patrick O’Reilly and F.E. McWilliam. 

    A Lament (The Funeral of Harry Boland) by Yeats is, at €250,000-€350,000, the most expensively estimated work closely followed by The Breaking Wave by Roderic O’Conor (€200,000-€300,000).  There are estimates from €500 up in this auction of 126 lots including more than 50 works of sculpture.  It all adds up to an auction of quality with something for all tastes.  The catalogue is online and the sale is now open for bidding.


    Saturday, May 21st, 2022
    Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Lynch at Sheppards. UPDATE: THIS WAS UNSOLD

    Great Irish Interiors at Sheppards, collectibles at Whyte’s and Mullen’s, art at Morgan O’Driscoll and James Adam, an Irish collection at Sotheby’s in London, design at de Veres and antique furniture at Woodwards should get a busy summer season off to a flying start over the next week or so. Kicking off with an Eclectic Collector sale online at Whyte’s in Dublin today buyers at all price points will find plenty to choose from.  Wine drinkers who enjoy Chateau Lynch Bages will no doubt be fascinated by a portrait at Sheppards of Jean Baptiste Lynch (1749-1835), Mayor of Bordeaux, Count of the French Empire, lawyer and son of Thomas Lynch who produced high quality wines under the name Cru de Lynch which eventually morphed into Lynch-Bages.  The Lynch family – one of the Tribes of Galway – fled persecution in Ireland in the 17th century and this portrait is from the Derk estate in Co. Limerick, thence by descent.  Lot 23 is estimated at €15,000-€25,000.

    Three days of sales at Sheppards get underway next Tuesday (May 24). Viewing starts in Durrow today and the catalogue with a fascinating selection of antique furniture, Chinese and African collectibles, ceramics, chandeliers, sllver, jewellery and collectibles is online.

    Along with Robert Emmet’s 1803 Proclamation Whyte’s sale today offers 1916 Rising and War of Independence documents and medals, Seamus Heaney signed first editions, Polar exploration volumes, maps, banknotes and coins and entertainment and sporting memorabilia. A Butterfly Spin by Damien Hirst  and a silkscreen print of John Wayne by Andy Warhol feature at Morgan O’Driscoll’s  online sale of affordable art which runs until next Monday evening (May 23) A strong selection of 20th century classic design furniture and Irish art will come under the hammer at de Veres next Tuesday afternoon (May 24).  There is Danish and Italian furniture and lighting by designers including Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, le Corbuser, Mies van der Rohe and Arne Vodder and art by Felim Egan, Robert Ballagh, Francis Tansey, Terry Frost and William Crozier.

    An Irish George III oval mirror at Sotheby’s. UPDATE: THIS MADE £10,080

    The sale of Monte Alverno: An Irish Collection at Sotheby’s in London next Thursday will give Irish and international collectors a chance to pick up something Irish and special like Regency peat buckets, gilt mirrors, antique furniture and art ranging from 18th century bird gouaches by Samuel Dixon through to Yeats, James Arthur O’Connor, John Luke and Patrick Swift.A pair of Georgian peat buckets and a pair of Edwardian demi-lune side tables are among the top antique furniture lots at Woodwards  sale in Cork next Saturday (May 24).  Among the Georgian lots are a three pillar dining table, a library table, a card table, a wine cooler, a bureau, a chest of drawers and a lowboy. An Edwardian inlaid sofa table and an office mahogany desk are among around 300 lots here.Next week is bookended by a sale of history, militaria and collectibles at Mullens of Laurel Park.

    Photograph of a female climber in Victorian days at Mullen’s  UPDATE: THIS LOT MADE 380 AT HAMMER

    Among the first photographs of rock climbers in action were those taken by the Abraham family at Keswick in the Lake District.  Mullens will offer a box of 50 glass stereoscope slides of 19th century images from Cumberland and North Wales featuring climbers in tweeds, flat caps and, in one memorable image, a skirt. In those Victorian times there was no lack of equality on the mountains.  The sale kicks off with a skull of a Great Irish Elk.  There is a poetry book inscribed by Roger Casement in Pentonville Prison on the night before his execution to Fr. Murnane of The Presbytery, Bermondsey.


    Saturday, March 26th, 2022
    Valley Wind, Jemisa by Tony O’Malley  at Adams UPDATE: THIS WAS UNSOLD

    A moonlit seascape by Roderic O’Conor will highlight the live and online sale of Important Irish Art by James Adam in Dublin ON March 30.   Marine, au Clair de Lune is estimated at €150,000-€200,000 and is one of a number of Irish works with contrasting styles and approaches from the 19th century onwards to highlight this sale.Along with O’Conor there are leading lots by Jack B. Yeats, Tony O’Malley and James Arthur O’Connor.  The Boat, a late Yeats from 1948, is estimated at €80,000-€120,000, Valley Wind, Jemisa, a 1995 Lanzarote painting by Tony O’Malley comes with an estimate of €30,000-€40,000 and James Arthur O’Connor’s Wooded Defile with Figures and Distant Cattle dates to 1827.  This masterpiece of Irish Romanticism has an estimate of €25,000-€35,000.  These very different works highlight the dynamism and diversity of an Irish art sector that in terms of the art market is going from strength to strength.

    Following the highly acclaimed Yeats exhibition at the National Gallery there are three works on paper by the artist at Adams, a 1906 interior of a shebeen, an untitled street scene and work entitled A Rest by the Wayside.  Dalkey Sound by Edwin Hayes shows a number of boats caught up in a storm in the straits and makes a strong case for the artist to be considered Ireland’s finest maritime painter. The Modern Irish School is represented with works from the 1940’s to the present.  Being (No. 44) by Louis le Brocquy dates to 1957.  Girl with Flower by Dan O’Neill also dates to the 1950’s.  There is work by James Humbert Craig, Colin Middleton, Gerard Dillon, George Campbell, Patrick Swift and F E McWilliam. 

    Houses at Crookhaven, West Cork by Brett MacEntagart RHA at Whyte’s. UPDATE; This was unsold

    In Dublin Irish art in all price ranges will feature at sales of affordable Irish art at Whyte’s on March 28 and at de Veres the following day. The timed spring online auction at Whytes offers work by many well known Irish artists who are represented by lots at price ranges which are not stratospheric. This is an auction designed for potential collectors tempted to dip their toes in the market. At Whyte’s major sale of Irish and International Art earlier this month Paul Henry’s Lobster Fishermen off Achill sold for a hammer price of €200,000.

    Works by Colin Middleton, Dan O’Neill and Louis le Brocquy, each estimated at €10,000-€15,000, highlight the Irish art auction at de Veres now open for bidding. This timed online sale of 156 lots ends on March 29.  There are estimates from €100 up.


    Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

    AFTER the bidding battle Orpen’s After the Ballwas knocked down for a hammer price of 310,000 at de Veres sale of outstanding Irish art in Dublin this evening. Lakeside Cottages by Paul Henry made 215,000 and a still life by Roderic O’Conor made 150,000. The Waterfall by Jack B Yeats made 135,000 but Fishing Boats, Dugort by Paul Henry was unsold. Night Rider by Basil Blackshaw made 90,000, Cottages Connemara by Paul Henry and Forgive us our trespasses by Gerard Dillon each made 75,000, Coastal Narrative III by Donald Teskey made 40,000, Winter Trees by Paul Henry made 80,000 and Roderic O’Conors Still Life with Cauliflower, vase of flowers and a platter made 65,000.