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    Thursday, April 7th, 2022
    BANKSY Diamond In The Rough – spray paint on truck door – CHRISTIE’S IMAGES LTD. 2022

    Banksy’s Diamond In The Rough, 2010 ($3,000,000 – 5,000,000) comes up as a highlight at Christie’s 21st Century evening sale in New York City next May. A brilliant combination of readymade surfaces and Banksy’s instantly recognisable style it leverages perceived notions of rebelliousness attached to street art. Its ingenuity lies both in the artist’s seemingly simple choice of subject matter and its ability to spark conversation about the art form as a whole. A cultural statement itself Diamond In The Rough stands as testament to the place of street art in the canon juxtaposed with society’s inability to completely extract it from its perceived history.

    Painted on a steel and glass truck door the artwork employs extant graffiti as the backdrop for a young girl rendered in Banksy’s signature stencil mode, positioned at the bottom of the frame. Her hand cradles a glowing gem with shine lines emanating on all sides, reminiscent of the playful compositions of Keith Haring. A direct predecessor of Banksy, Haring also famously engaged public transit as his canvas decades prior, prefiguring some of Banksy’s own work.


    Sunday, February 27th, 2022
    Flora Yukhnovich – Warm, Wet ‘N’ Wild (£150,000-£200,000). UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR £2,697,000 GBP

    The London edition of the Now evening auction at Sotheby’s on March 2 brings together a tightly curated selection of works by some of the most sensational artists of the 21st century. The sale will offer works by Rachel Jones, Shara Hughes and Flora Yukhnovich, and provide a masterpiece context for well-established artists such as Cecily Brown, George Condo and Banksy. Addressing the outstanding demand for young and emerging artists the sale follows the highly successful launch of the format in New York last November.

    Banksy – Kissing Coppers (£2.5 – £3.5 million). UPDATE: THIS WAS UNSOLD


    Thursday, December 30th, 2021
    BANKSY (20TH/21ST CENTURY) – Peckham Rock (2018). UPDATE: THIS MADE 700 AT HAMMER

    This wooden replica of Peckham Rock by Banksy recreated by the British Museum in 2018 is Lot 43 at Morgan O’Driscoll’s off the wall online art auction which runs until January 10. Unframed it measures 4.9″ x 7.2″ and the framed size if 14.6″ x 13.8″. It is estimated at 500-600. There are 447 lots on offer and the catalogue is online.


    Thursday, November 4th, 2021

    Banksy’s Trolley Hunters – a typically powerful, witty and prophetic critique of society’s often irrational predilection for processed and packaged products  – will make its auction debut at Sotheby’s Now evening sale in New York on November 18. It is estimated at $5-7 million. Painted over 15 years ago as an indictment against the excesses of consumerist society, the painting has arguably never been as relevant as it is today, with the disruption to the global supply chain having exposed the fragility of our fast-paced consumerist eco-system. UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR $6.6 MILLION


    Friday, October 22nd, 2021
    DONALD TESKEY (B.1956) – Fog Latitude. UPDATE: THIS MADE 18,000 AT HAMMER

    There is art by Paul Henry, Sean Scully, Francis Bacon, Banksy, John Behan, Bridget Riley and many more Irish and international artists at Morgan O’Driscoll’s sale of Irish and International Art on October 26. Viewing for this evening auction gets underway at the RDS and continues right over the Bank Holiday weekend. The catalogue is online. Fog Latitude by Donald Teskey is estimated at 15,000-25,000.


    Friday, October 15th, 2021

    Bansy”s shredded painting Love is in the Bin has sold for a record £18.5 million at Sotheby’s in London. Nine bidders in the room, on the telephone and online chased the work for ten minutes in a bidding battle. It was sold three years to the month since the work, formerly Girl with Balloon, shredded at New Bond Street in an unexpected piece of performance art and set a record for the artist at the time of £1 million.

    (See posts on for September 3, 2021 and October 11, 2018)


    Tuesday, October 12th, 2021
    Sunflowers from Petrol Station

    Banksy’s Sunflowers from Petrol Station  from the collection of the British designer Sir Paul Smith will highlight Christie’s 21st Century Art evening sale in New York on November 9. It is estimated at $12,000,000- $18,000,000. It is part of a limited group of Banksy works that belong in the realm of fine art objects as opposed to the street art editions for which he is best known. In this example, the artist presents a painterly and conceptual defacement of the Van Gogh masterpiece, Sunflowers. As well as riffing on the comedy of wilted petrol station flowers – a far cry from Van Gogh’s magnificent blooms – the title implicates the pollution of both nature and culture at the hands of big corporations.


    Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

    The international autumn selling season gets underway in earnest this month. Major auction houses have been issuing previews of what to expect.  Sotheby’s Contemporary Art evening sale in London on October 14, to coincide with the Frieze and Frieze Masters art fairs, will be headed by what they cheerfully describe as the most famous artwork of the 21st century, Banksy’s Love is in the Bin. Global news and instant art history happened when Girl with a Balloon was shredded just after the hammer came down on a million pound bid in 2018.  It was then authenticated by Banksy and given a new title of Love is in the Bin.  The new owner decided the wise thing to do was bank on Banksy and kept it.  It now comes to market with an estimate of £4 million – £6 million (€4.67 million – €7.01 million).

    Love is in the Bin by Banksy. UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR £18.5 MILLION

    This is the dawning of the age of minorities and in what will be an undoubted shot in the arm for black transgender women artists MGM resorts will sell their Picasso’s in Las Vegas on October 23 and build a new collection with a focus of diversity.  The art market of the future will feature artists from a more diverse range of backgrounds, particularly from groups who have been discriminated against. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Because it Hurts the Lungs (1986) will be a highlight at Christie’s live and livestreamed 20th/21st Century evening sale including Thinking Italian in London on October 15.  The title of the work is taken from a cryptic quote by Leonardo:  “Why the thunderbolt kills a (man and) does not wound him, and if the man blew his nose he would not die.  Because it hurts the lungs”. Winston Churchill, whose Tower at Koutoubia Mosque” sold for a record £8.3 million in March, will highlight Christie’s Modern British art evening auction in London on October 20.  The Bridge at Aix en Provence was gifted to the Swiss paint manufacturer Willy Sax, who supplied Churchill with his artistic materials and would become a lifelong friend.  It is now estimated at £1.5-£2.5 million (€1.75-€2.92 million).As part of a global expansion Bonhams has just opened its first dedicated saleroom on the Continent at Rue de la Paix in the heart of the luxury district in Paris. There will be a sale of Antiquities next Thursday (October 7).  This will be followed one week later by a sale of Post War and Contemporary art.


    Friday, September 3rd, 2021

    Banksy’s shredded  Love is in the Bin will return to Sotheby’s New Bond Street galleries this October, at four to six times the price. Passing through a hidden shredder just seconds after the hammer fell on a million pound bid, the “nation’s favourite artwork” – Girl with a Balloon – seemingly auto-destructed in 2018 while hanging on the wall in Sotheby’s packed auction room. Capturing the world by surprise, this unexpected piece of performance art became instant art history, making it the first time a new work had been created in the course of an auction.

    In the days that followed, the shredded artwork was granted a new certificate and date by Pest Control, Banksy’s authentication body, and given the new title, Love is in the Bin. The collector who had placed the record winning bid on Girl with Balloon decided to keep the new work.* Looking back on the event, she explains: “That surreal evening three years ago, I became the accidental – but very privileged – owner of Love is in the Bin. It has been an incredible journey to have been part of the story of how one of the most famous artworks in the world came to be, but now it is time to let the painting go.”

    It will come up at the Contemporary Art evening auction at Sotheby’s in London on October 14 – this time with an estimate of £4-£6 million.

    Banksy’s Love is in the Bin, 2018


    Monday, March 15th, 2021

    A parody by Banksy of actress Demi Moore’s iconic Vanity Fair cover comes up at Sotheby’s livestreamed marquee auction on March 25 with an estimate of £2-3 million. The two-metre-tall canvas was first unveiled in 2006 as the poster image for Banksy’s debut and breakthrough U.S. exhibition, which cemented his status. Titled ‘Barely Legal’, the self-proclaimed “three-day vandalised warehouse extravaganza” took place in an impoverished area of Los Angeles. The location was kept secret until hours before the opening. Advertisements featuring the poster juxtaposed against the Hollywood sign were pasted around the city in the lead up and to promote the show, Banksy also left an inflatable replica of a Guantánamo Bay detainee in Disneyland. During the three-day view the exhibition famously drew 30,000 visitors – among them Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jude Law, Keanu Reeves, Orlando Bloom, Dennis Hopper, Cameron Diaz and Sacha Baron Cohen. The LA Times reported that $5 million worth of art was sold during the opening two hours.

    Banksy –  Original Concept for Barely Legal Poster (After Demi Moore), 2006. UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR £2,677,000