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    Wednesday, January 13th, 2016
    Leading the sale is an exceedingly rare Chenghua Blue and White ‘Palace Bowl’. It represents a unique version of the design, with a larger number of melons than usual and is estimated at £4-6 million.

    Leading the sale is an exceedingly rare Chenghua Blue and White ‘Palace Bowl’. It represents a unique version of the design, with a larger number of melons than usual and is estimated at £4-6 million.

    One of the greatest collections of Chinese porcelain left in private hands will come up at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong on April 6.  Put together in the mid-20th century by Roger Pilkington, one of the most eminent and active collectors of his day, the collection spans the heights of 1,000 years of Chinese porcelain production, from the Tang through to the Ming and on to the Qing dynasties.  The collection captures all the greatest achievements in the field and tells the  story of the evolution of Chinese porcelain and Chinese history.  Put together in a single decade beginning in the late 1950’s it is estimated to make a combined total of more than £20 million sterling. 

    The highlight is a group of porcelains produced during the Ming dynasty, comprising pieces from the seminal period in the early 15th century when creativity at the imperial kilns in Jingdezhen was at its zenith. This is complemented by a small group of jade vessels and carvings from the Imperial workshops within the grounds of the Forbidden City, made for the court of Emperor Qianlong in the latter half of the 18th century.

    Nicolas Chow, Deputy Chairman, Sotheby’s Asia, International Head and Chairman, Chinese Works of Art, said: “The Pilkington Collection contains extraordinarily rare items, of a kind seldom seen together on the market. This time capsule captures a seminal moment in the history of collecting when connoisseurship in the field reached new heights of sophistication, and when collectors’ appetites for the very best were serviced by a handful of brilliant dealers”. 

    The collection will be on view in London on January 17-18.


    Friday, December 17th, 2010

    This Chinese teadust glazed teapot made 50,000 in Durrow.

    A Chinese teadust glazed teapot estimated at just 50-150 made 50,000 at the Sheppards Asian sale in Durrow, Co. Laois on December 16.  Bought by a telephone bidder from Beijing it was from the same Co. Carlow collection as a blue and white Qianlong vase which made 110,000 at Sheppards in March.  That had carried a top estimate of 150.

    A Co. Carlow family inherited the porcelain collection from two sisters who emigrated to the US in the 1940’s.  The women, now dead, returned to live in Ireland with a collection acquired from shops and markets over many years.  It is understood they collected the pieces for their decorative value and paid nominal prices.

    The greenish teapot carries the incised four-character sealscript reign mark of Yongzheng to the base.  At the same Sheppards sale a bright green glazed chrysanthemum dish made a hammer price of 31,000 and a Chinese blue and white bowl with  a seal-script reign mark of Qianlong in underglaze blue to the base made 16,500.  Both pieces came from the same Co. Carlow family and each one was estimated at 50-150 euro.

    A total of 265 out of 271 lots sold in the third day of the Sheppards sale, which attracted nearly 400 0n-line bidders. The chrysanthemum dish went to a private collector from Dublin who was in the room.

    SEE Qianlong Vase makes record price in Durrow in Collecting Backgrounder.

    This bright green glazed chyrsanthemum dish made 31,000 in Durrow.

    This blue and white bowl made 16,500 at Sheppards in Durrow.