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    Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

    Mother, Muse and Maker is the theme of Tribal Art London this year. The history of women within a tribal world where gender roles are strict is to be explored. African, Oceanic and South American tribal art all centres on performance and ritual.  Objects that go with this are tied into the rhythms of birth, puberty, marriage and death. Men tend to create works out of hard materials like wood and metal, the creative talents of women have focused on softer materials like hides, fibres and clay.  There is also a focus on women as dealers and collectors. The fair, now in its 12th year, brings together more than 20 international dealers, specialists in original purpose art from all corners of the globe.  It runs from September 4-7 at the Mall Galleries, London SW1.  


    Monday, August 14th, 2017

    Tribal Art London runs from September 6-9 with 23 exhibitors, the biggest in its ten year history.  There will be a diverse range of works with prices from the low hundreds to over £20,000.  Taking place a week prior to Parcours des Mondes Paris,  the biggest tribal art event in the world which runs this year from September 12-17 the event attracts many international specialist dealers and museum curators.

    Well-known tribal art collectors who attend the fair include Mark Blackburn (based in Hawaii, focusing on Oceanic art), collectors of Aboriginal and Oceanic art Sam and Sharon Singer (U.S.A.), Antonio Lunari (Italy), and African art collector Jonathan Lowen (UK). Institutions are always in attendance, such as Quai Branly, the British Museum and the Royal Academy.  Here is a small selection:

    An early Douala chief’s stool, Cameroon at Adam Prout

    Male statuette attributed to the Tabwa at David Malik

    Highlands Shield, Papua New Guinea at Bryan Reeves/Tribal Gathering