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    Thursday, December 24th, 2015
    The hoard includes five aglets and two beads.

    The hoard includes five aglets and two beads.

    Where there is much there is brass according to the old saying but in the case of one small section of Thames riverbank that brass is gold. There is not a whole lot of Tudor gold – less than an egg cup full – but it is exquisitely worked. It has been turned up by metal detectorists on the banks of the River Thames for a number of years. No less than eight metal detectorists have harvested the tiny fragments of gold. They are so similar in style that archaeologist Kate Sumnall believes that they came from one garment, possibly a hat blown off by the wind.  They were all found in one area.   The objects include aglets, used for the tips of laces, as well as beads and studs.  The finds are legally classed as treasure and must be declared to officers like Kate Sumnall, who works at the Museum of London.  They all date from the early 16th century.