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    Monday, May 24th, 2021

    The Old Mill by Norah McGuinness (1901-1980) comes up at Morgan O’Driscoll’s online Irish art sale which ends this evening. It is estimated at 2,500-3,500. The sale has aroused considerable interest and large numbers have already placed bids. UPDATE: THIS MADE 4,000 AT HAMMER


    Monday, May 17th, 2021

    This limited edition lithograph of a portrait of Michael Collins by Sir John Lavery is signed by both men. The artists proof was published by Wilson Hartnell and is from a private collection. It comes up as Lot 6 at Morgan O’Driscoll’s Irish art online auction which runs until May 24. The estimate is 3,000-5,000. UPDATE: THIS MADE 5,400 AT HAMMER


    Friday, April 23rd, 2021

    The Stubborn Donkey by Simeon Stafford, sometimes described as Cornwall’s Lowry, comes up as Lot 83 at Morgan O’Driscoll’s online art sale on April 26. The estimate is €1,000-€1,500. Born in 1956 the artist, who is from Duckingfield, a small town bordering the Pennines, was introduced to L.S.Lowry after winning the Robert Owen School Award for Art and the Manchester News Portrait Award. Lowry became a friend of the family and encouraged him to study art. The catalogue is online. UPDATE: THIS MADE 950 AT HAMMER


    Saturday, April 17th, 2021

    With art to suit all tastes and price points for all budgets Morgan O’Driscoll’s Irish and International Art sale next Monday is well worth dropping into.  The online catalogue offers 196 lots with estimates from €300 to €150,000.  Louis le Brocquy’s Images of Shakespeare and Strindberg, each estimated at €100,000-€150,000, might be beyond the budgets of most of us but even if we are merely window shopping it is no bad thing to reference these major Irish artworks.  Untitled 3-7-86 by Sean Scully is estimated at €70,000-€100,000 but there are lithographs by both Scully and Bridget Riley for €4,000-€6,000. There are contrasting styles in Fountain and Loggia (1935) by Mainie Jellett (€800-€1,200) and the more traditional Western Village (1928) by Paul Henry (€25,000-€35,000).  Earthenware plates by Picasso jostle with emotional sculpture by John Behan and charming 1843 Cork pencil drawings by Daniel MacDonald (1820-1853). There are wonderful maritime paintings, all sorts of treatments of landscape and abstract and engaging work by artists like Sir Terry Frost, William Scott and Charles Tyrrell.  If you would like to upgrade your existing collection or find something new and exciting for the home this sale is a good starting point.

    Fountain and Loggia by Mainie Jellett 


    Saturday, April 10th, 2021

    The ricochet effect of the pandemic in our beckoning post lockdown world is a cause for speculation.  Many new online buyers at auction houses are tech savvy youngsters. This much needed infusion is a sign of hope for the future of the trade.  Whether they incline to online buying post lockdown, or turn up in person to bid is anyones guess. Auction action online is now normal, as distinct from new normal, and collectors can and do expect to range far and wide in pursuit of more variety and price points in any given week than ever before. So what next?  In the immediate future there is more than enough art, antique furniture, collectibles and historical memorabilia at auction in Ireland to keep us all occupied and out of trouble.

    Image of August Strindberg by Louis le Brocquy at Morgan O’Driscoll. UPDATE: THIS WAS UNSOLD

    An oil by Arthur Maderson (€6,000-€8,000) and a set of Cork 11 bar dining chairs (€1,500-€2,000) are among the highlights at Woodwards sale in Cork on April 17. More than 300 lots will come under the hammer.  Among them are a  Louis XV bonheur du jour (€1,000-€2,000), a George II card table (€750-€1,500), a Queen Anne walnut chest on stand (€1,000-€1,600), a five piece cast iron garden suite (€1,600-€2,200) and a Georgian walnut card table (€700-€1,500).

    The range of antique furniture at Woodwards includes a walnut davenport,  an Edwardian bow fronted sideboard, a William IV rosewood card table, a Regency tip top table, a Georgian drop leaf dining table, a three tier dumb waiter, an Edwardian knife box and a selection of cellos and violins.  There is a silver owl pepperette by George Richards, an ormolu figured mantel clock, a mariners brass theodolite, an Art Deco dancing figure and a Cork Distillers Irish Whiskey sign.

    A George II walnut chest on stand at Woodwards.

    The April version of the new monthly timed online auction at Hegarty’s features over 300 lots and closes on April 11. Highlights this time include a coloured limited edition lithograph by Mark Chagall of a stained glass window, a Royal Humane Society Award given in 1904, an oil of the Great Mosque, Cairo by Peter Sunderland, a collection of antique optometry equipment and an electric machine for nervous diseases patented in 1854.

    Among the 196 lots that Morgan O’Driscoll will offer at his Irish and International online art sale on April 19 are two major head studies by Louis le Brocquy of August Strindberg and William Shakespeare from 1980 and 1981 respectively.  Each one is estimated at €100,000-€150,000. In a catalogue note Peter Murray recounts how, one day in 1964 at a time when the artist was feeling dissatisfied and unable to find a way forward, he chanced to visit the Musee de l’Homme in Paris was inspired by a selection of Polynesian painted skulls.  The Celts visualised the head as a kind of magic box housing the spirit and le Brocquy was directed towards the idea of encapsulating a lost human presence rather than a living portrait subject. A three day house clearance auction by Matthews of Kells gets underway online at noon today.  On offer are contents from the Co. Louth home of the late Professor Kieran Taaffe, head of international affairs at Dublin Institute of Technology and a lifetime collector.  More than 2,100 lots will be sold including Irish and International art, old silver, antique furniture, rugs, gilded mirrors, books, oriental items and collectibles. 

    Meantime the Co. Cavan auctioneer Victor Mee will offer a selection of 1,206 lots at an online Easter interiors and historical sale on Aril 13 and 14.


    Wednesday, April 7th, 2021
     Entrance to Cork Harbour (1874-75) by Richard Brydges Beechey (1808-1895)  €30,000-€50,000) UPDATE: THIS MADE 38,000 AT HAMMER

    The magnificent entrance to Cork Harbour is depicted in detailed works by two 19th century artists at Morgan O’Driscoll’s sale of Irish and International Art on April 19.  Rear Admiral Richard Brydges Beechey shows two sailing vessels at Roches Point in what former Crawford Gallery curator Peter Murray describes in a catalogue note as one of his finest maritime paintings. The dramatic oil shows a small lugger in the foreground – almost certainly a Cork pilot vessel –  heading towards a two masted brigantine making its way with difficulty towards the open sea. Roches Point lighthouse and coastguard cottages are in the background and a signal tower dating to Napoleonic times is seen on the right.  The painting dates to 1874-75. In a painting dating to about 25 years earlier Cobh artist George Mounsey Wheatley Atkinson shows a three masted barque passing Roches Point as it leaves Cork Harbour. The southerly wind is not in the ships favour. The lighthouse was rebuilt in 1839 and the picture is thought to be around 1850.  Peter Murray points to the acute observation of sky and cloud formations and   accurate rendering of ships and their rigging as testament to Atkinson’s training as a ships carpenter and his years as an inspector of shipping in Cork Harbour.

    A Barque passing Roches Point lighthouse, at the entrance to Cork Harbour (c.1850) by George Mounsey Wheatley Atkinson (€6,000-€9,000). UPDATE: THIS MADE 8,500 AT HAMMER


    Thursday, March 11th, 2021

    Long long ago the entertainer, artist and songwriter Percy French (1854-1920) painted a picture of Gortnamona and put the words of his famous song on the back. The watercolour comes up at Morgan O’Driscoll’s online sale of Irish art which runs to March 15. Lot 3 in a sale of 440 has an estimate of 2,000-3,000.

    Gortnamona by Percy French. UPDATE: THIS MADE 5,200 AT HAMMER


    Thursday, March 4th, 2021

    From Sean Scully and John Behan to Pauline Bewick and Mainie Jellett the selection available at Morgan O’Driscoll’s online Irish art auction which runs to March 8 is comprehensive. Untitled 1996, a unique watercolour, No. 47 from a series of 50, by Sean Scully is estimated at 6,000-9,000. Abstract Composition in gouache by Mainie Jellett is estimated at 4,000-6,000. There is interest in Cat in Winter in the Glass House by Pauline Bewick (5,000-7,000) and John Behan’s Famine Tree (10,000-15,000) and many of the other works. The catalogue is online.

    Untitled (1996) by Sean Scully. UPDATE: THIS MADE 17,000 AT HAMMER


    Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

    Seas, Sherkin is the title of this 2020 work by Majella O’Neill Collins at Morgan O’Driscoll’s online sale of affordable Irish art which runs until February 1. The artist lives on Sherkin Island in west Cork and this oil on canvas, which is lot 12, is estimated at 1,200-1,800. The catalogue with bidding options is online.

    Seas, Sherkin (2020) by Majella O’Neill Collins. UPDATE: THIS MADE 1,500 AT HAMMER


    Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

    Composition by Evie Hone is lot one at Morgan O’Driscoll’s first online Irish art auction of 2021 which runs until January 25. The catalogue lists 220 lots in total and is online. Composition, which measures 24 x 18.20cm (9.4 x 7.2in), is estimated at €2,000-4,000.

    Evie Hone HRHA (1894-1955) – Composition UPDATE: THIS MADE 7,000 AT HAMMER