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    Monday, August 23rd, 2021
    An important impressive set of Prehistoric Giant Irish Elk Antlers and Skull (“Megaloceros Giganteus)
    c. 12000 – 18000 B.C., approx. 262 cms (8’9”) long x 7’5” (226 cms) high with 18 points (some repairs). UPDATE: THESE MADE 23,000 AT HAMMER

    This set of Irish Elk antlers comes up at Fonsie Mealy’s two day sale of contents from Howth Castle on September 8 and 9. Irish Elk is the common name for a giant, extinct deer, Megaloceros Giganteus, characterized by enormous antlers. This is the largest deer known to have ever lived. Megaloceros Giganteus appeared for the first time about 400,000 years ago and disappeared about 11,000 years ago. It ranged from Ireland and Great Britain in Western Europe and as far as the Far East as China and Siberia during the Late Pleistocene period. Elk Antlers are a statement item and were placed in many of the big country houses around Ireland. This set is estimated at €12,000-18,000. UPDATE: THESE SOLD FOR 23,000 AT HAMMER.

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    Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

    A pair of Irish Elk or Giant Deer antlers from the collection of the late Sir Sidney Nolan comes up at Bonhams sporting sale in Edinburgh on May 1. The megalocerus giganteus antlers come with 18 points, skull and some restorations. They are 88 inches wide and estimated at £26,000-30,000.

    Bonhams list the provenance as the collection of the late Sir Sidney and Lady Nolan at The Rodd. Antlers have long been a feature of Irish and Scottish baronial banqueting halls. Now extinct the Irish elk is one of the largest deers that ever roamed the earth. It lived during the Pleistocene Period of the Great Ice Age (starting 2.6 million years ago and ending 11,700 years ago).

    The Irish Elk antlers at Bonhams


    Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

    These Great Irish Elk antlers and skull sold for 23,000 at hammer.

    A set of prehistoric Irish Elk antlers and skull was the top lot at Fonsie Mealy’s sale of contents of Milford House, Carlow on November 20.  They made a hammer price of 23,000. Irish Elk is the common name for a giant extinct deer Megalocerus Giganteus characterised by enormous antlers. It is the largest deer known to have lived.

    A pair of still life paintings by Aniello Ascione of the 17th century Italian School made 20,000 and another pair attributed to the same artist made 16,000. A 19th century carved Chinese wooden buddha made 13,000, a Georgian Irish bachelor’s chest made 7,400 and an Irish Victorian dining table and a set of 18 dining chairs each made 7,000. A half length portrait of John Alexander, High Sheriff of Carlow by Stephen Catterson Smith sold for 6,500 at hammer.

    The auction realised more than 500,000 and was 95% sold.

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