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    Sunday, February 20th, 2022
    Andy Warhol, American (1928-1987) – Crosses (Twelve) (1981-82).

    The profound impact of his Byzantine catholic upbringing on one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century is explored in Andy Warhol: Revelation at the Brooklyn Museum in New York until June 19.  Catholicism is not the first thing that springs to mind when considering Andy Warhol but it greatly influenced his art and appeared frequently in his artworks.

    From iconic portraits of celebrities to appropriated Renaissance masterpieces Warhol played with styles and symbolism from Catholic art history, reframing them within the context of Pop art.  He retained some catholic rituals throughout his life while unapologetically living as a gay man. The show examines themes like life and death, Renaissance imagery, immigrant traditions and depictions of Christ.  There are major paintings from his iconic Last Supper series (1986), a photo with Pope John Paul II and an unfinished film of the setting sun commissioned by the de Menil family and funded by the Roman Catholic Church.