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    The Najd Collection, one of the leading resources for Orientalist art, will be unveiled to the public at Sotheby’s in London on October 11. It will be followed by a dedicated evening sale of forty paintings from the collection on October 22. Carrying an estimate of £25.1 – 38.8 million this will be the highest-value sale ever staged in this category. It coincides with the British Museum’s upcoming Inspired by the East exhibition.

    Eager to look beyond the confines of their own Western experience, the artists represented throughout the Najd Collection travelled to and spent time in North Africa, the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East to portray first-hand what they saw and experienced. The legacy of their work has provided an invaluable documentary narrative of regions that have since been transformed by modernisation and conflict.

    Jean-Léon Gérôme, Riders Crossing the Desert

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