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    The art of visionary collector David Teiger is to the sold at Sotheby’s in a sale titled The History of Now.  Sotheby’s will sent the $100 million collection through a series of global sales set to launch with a dedicated evening auction in London this October.  For visionary collector, patron and museum trustee David Teiger, art took precedence over all else. Redefining the meaning of connoisseurship and great collecting, Teiger considered himself a custodian of the work as opposed to its owner. A consummate collector who maintained clarity of vision and purpose over so many styles and decades in a way few collectors could, he built a kaleidoscopic collection daringly ahead of its time.

    The History of Now in London on October 5 will present Teiger’s esteemed private collection. Following his exceptionally generous lifelong support of museums, curators and institutions, proceeds from the series of sales will benefit Teiger Foundation – soon to be one of the world’s largest and most significant contemporary art foundations – set up to support and promote excellence in contemporary art.

    Lisa Dennison, Chairman, Sotheby’s Americas, said: “David’s extraordinary generosity and long tradition of supporting artists, curators, gallerists, and museums was unique. He fully understood the eco-system of the art world, and his patronage extended to a broad range of individuals and institutions in order to empower them to do their best work. His legacy will live on in his Foundation and the initiatives they will sponsor to support Contemporary Art.”

    Peter Doig, Buffalo Station I (1997-8), Estimate in excess of £6million

    Chris Ofili, Afromantics (2000-2), Estimate in excess of £1million

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