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    102.34 carat perfection

    The only known round brilliant diamond over 100 carats to have achieved perfection by all critical criteria: colour, clarity, cut and carat has been acquired through Sotheby’s Diamonds by a private collector.  The identity of the new owner has not been revealed.  Sotheby’s say it was purchased for a price per carat which far exceeds that for any colourless diamond sold at auction.  The current auction record price per carat for a white diamond is US$260,252, set at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong in 2013.

    Coinciding with the sale of Sotheby’s has sourced  two white stones, each one weighing over 50 carats, and both of the same extraordinary colour and clarity as the 102.34 carat stone.  They will come up in Geneva on May 15.

    The first of the two stones is a round, brilliant cut diamond which, at 51.71 carats, ranks as the second largest D Flawless brilliant-cut diamond ever to have appeared at auction.  It is estimated at US$8.2-9.5 million. The second stone, similarly perfect, weighs 50.39 carats but is oval, rather than round; it too is the second largest D Flawless diamond of its shape ever to have come to auction. It is estimated at US$7.3-8 million.

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