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    This chair now at Apter-Fredericks was at the 1954 Grosvenor House Antiques Fair where it was described as having survived since about 1750 with the patina of age unspoilt by restoration.

    For many years now the market for so called “brown furniture” has been in the doldrums.  At last this just might be starting to change. Renewed interest in antique furniture has been noted on the international market.

    After the Winter Antiques Show in New York premier London dealers Apter-Fredericks reported that they had engaged with clients in a way that suggested brown furniture might be back. Since the January show Apter Fredericks say that English furniture continued to sell well in February and March.  Demand, they say, has returned and regular sales are continuing.
    New York’s winter show is the leading art, antiques and design fair in the US. If influential designers  and their clients there are showing interest in brown furniture it is safe to assume that the rest of the market will not be far behind.  Such a development is as welcome as it is long overdue.
    This should be of great interest in Ireland as we tend to mirror international trends very closely.  Things are improving here since the depths of the recession, but when it comes to antique furniture there is still an awful lot of ground to be made up.
    Apter-Fredericks, a long established third generation London institution based on Fulham Road in Chelsea, report that designers and clients alike are recognising the warmth that rich woods and patina bring to a room.  “As news of this renewed interest spreads so will the finer things start coming to the market”.  This institution will always select furniture based on colour, patination, originality and value.  And so should you.

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