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    Keith Haring (1958-1990) – Untitled (Feb 2, 1987)($220,000-320,000) courtesy Christie’s Images Ltd. 2023. UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR $227,200

    In New York Christie’s will hold an online auction of five unique digital drawings by Keith Haring created on an Amiga computer in the mid-1980’s in an online sale from September 12-20. Keith Haring: Pixel Pioneer focuses on an artist who  blended historically disparate cultures; he was highly celebrated for his achievements in public artwork while simultaneously a massively successful figure in the gallery world. A natural extension of his legacy for his art is to continue to bridge today’s artistic cultures – fusing the physical art world with the world of Web3.

    Keith Haring was an early admirer and adopter of the digital age, even depicting the first Apple Macintosh computer in his work. In keeping with his signature style of bold lines and pop color, Haring’s Amiga drawings show the artist’s early interest and involvement in the medium, which has since become pervasive in commercial design and 21st-century digital art. To accurately preserve the natively digital material created on a now-vintage computer system, the Keith Haring Foundation has minted these five Amiga artworks — previously only viewable via floppy disks — on the Ethereum blockchain. For the first time, these unique digital drawings can now be collected, exhibited, and even printed.

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