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    A c1650 artwork by Michaelina Wautier at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp and an Egon Schiele painting  at the Neue Galerie, New York are to be restored with grants from The European Fine Art Foundation.  TEFAF has announced the two museums as recipients this year of its annual grant for the preservation of artistic and cultural heritage.  Two Girls as Saints Agnes and Dorothea by Wautier (pictured here) has been at the Royal Museum in Antwerp since 1910.  It was not definitely identified as a work by Wautier until 2003.  The artist made a name for herself in the 17th century and has begun to regain renown since the early 2000’s.  Town Among the Greenery (The Old City III) by Schiele was gifted to the Neue Galerie in 2006. TEFAF Maastricht takes place from March 11-19.


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