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    Georgian lowboy (€300-€400). UPDATE: THIS MADE 470 AT HAMMER

    All auctions with antique furniture offer plenty of opportunities for entry level collectors.  The sort of value to be had is underlined at Woodwards sale in Cork on September 24. A selection of Georgian, William IV, Victorian and Edwardian furniture is all available at under €500. Many of these built to last venerable old pieces would have cost more two decades ago than they do today and defy every current trend simply by getting cheaper. If auction history teaches us anything it is that antique pieces from particular eras have to survive a period of unfashionability and a tendency to break them up. The time to come back into some sort of vogue is overdue.

    What is slightly puzzling is that in an era like this one when anything goes antique furniture is not at all unfashionable.  The best interiors are routinely drawn from many sources – eclectic if you like – and the stylish modern home offers huge scope for individual taste and style in furniture, art and collectibles. Even if we are about to be bled dry by energy costs and inflation we need to feather winter nests for the coming winter. Here are some examples from Woodwards with estimates in brackets:  Georgian lowboy (€300-€400);  concave cabinet (€300-€400); George II card table (€400-€500); Edwardian demi-lune card table (€300-€400);  William IV sideboard (€400-€500); Edardian twin pillar dining table (€300-€400); Edwardian sofa table (€300-€400) and a small bachelors chest (€150-€200).  The catalogue is online.

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