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    An unpublished archive that celebrates the “The Gorgeous Wrecks” – a group of over-military age men who defended Dublin’s Beggars Bush Barracks’ during the Easter Rising of 1916 comes up at Dix Noonan Webb in London on November 10. Lot 232 includes the inter-War C.B.E. (Civil), 1916 ‘Easter Rising – Defence of Beggars Bush Barracks’ D.S.O., Great War O.B.E. (Military) group of eight awarded to Major and Adjutant George Arthur Harris of Dublin University Officer Training Corps, Territorial Force, who led his poorly armed column of above age military reservists in a week long defence of Beggars Bush Barracks during the 1916 Rising.
    It will be sold with an important archive of related material including the recipient’s unpublished diary of the Defence, written during the siege on ‘Beggars Bush, Dublin’ headed writing paper. As he commented “The whole business was horrible, as one never knew who was for or against you. An innocent looking civilian would walk past the barracks, see our position and then go to a house and snipe. The fighting in France I think was infinitely preferable to this and in this others concur.” The lot is estimated to fetch £8,000-12,000. UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR £18,000

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