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    Andy Warhol’s Trucks Series (1985) will be offered at Christie’s Prints & Multiples online sale which runs from September 16-28. In June 1986 the German Federal Road Haulage Association (BDF) hosted the 20th World Congress of the International Road Transport Union (IRU) in Frankfurt am Main. It was for this occasion that the BDF commissioned Andy Warhol to produce a set of screenprints depicting a cargo truck. The series is being offered from the archive of the Association.

    German art dealer Hermann Wünsche – one of the first gallerists to bring Andy Warhol’s work to Germany – was co-publisher. In 1976 he had arranged for Warhol to make a portrait of Willy Brandt, Germany’s first Social-Democratic Chancellor after the war, and went on to commission portraits of other prominent Germans, such as the president of the Cancer Society, Mildred Scheel (1980), and the goalkeeper of the National football team, Toni Schumacher (1983). Trucks Series is estimated at £50,000-70,000.

    Andy Warhol – Trucks Series

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