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    A collection of Communion tokens,  derived from the Irish wars of religion of the mid 1600’s, comes up at a sale of Coins, Tokens and Historical Medals at Dix Noonan Webb in London on July 6 and 7. Amassed over many years by Delmas Parker, an American, the collection comprises 72 lots, totalling 455 pieces, mostly from the northern counties like Antrim, Down and Derry. Most of the towns and villages in Northern Ireland are represented in the collection. Protestants assembled in large church meetings, which served, not just as religious meetings, but also as political gatherings. To keep track of just who was attending these larger meetings, which were subject to activities of political spies and people that did not belong, communion tokens came into being. They were given to known local congregants by the priest or pastor. The tokens would be surrendered at the larger church meetings. They acted as passes, allowing members from smaller congregations to assemble in larger churches and not be deemed political spies or unrepentant sinners.

    Lot 1075 is a collection of communion tokens from Co. Antrim. UPDATE: THESE MADE £240 AT HAMMER

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