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    With a span of artists ranging from Yeats and Henry to Scott and le Brocquy the online Irish and International art auction which runs at Morgan O’Driscoll until November 23  is impressive. History buffs will find much interest in The Close of the Battle of the Nile by the Cobh painter George Mounsey Wheatley Atkinson (1806-1884).  The 1798 battle between the British Royal Navy led by Admiral Nelson and the French resulted in victory for the British. The victory meant that Napoleon’s army in Egypt, cut off from help, vwas also forced to surrender. Napoleon had sought access to Egypt as a first step in a campaign against British India.Shown at The Cork Exhibition of 1883 Peter Murray notes that  Atkinson, who spent some years at sea as a ships carpenter, brought his skills as a seaman and an artist to bear.  The impressive composition accurately depicts at least 19 individual ships, their position and condition.  The work is estimated at €6,000-€9,000.

    The Close of the Battle of the Nile by George Mounsey Wheatley Atkinson (1806-1884). UPDATE: THIS MADE 6,200 AT HAMMER

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