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    The court transcript signed by William Presley.

    The court transcript signed by William Presley.  UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR 2,300

    The Irish connection to Elvis Presley goes back a way, but documentary evidence crops up at Whyte’s Eclectic Collector auction in Dublin on May 14.   In August 1775 William Presley, a farmer, got all shook up after being attacked by a group of men in Hacketstown in Co. Carlow.  Presley pursued his assailants through the courts.  The result of the case is unclear but the court transcript of his statement before the magistrate is offered as lot 125 of the sale, estimated at 500-700.

    Later in 1775 William Presley left Ireland and travelled with his son Andrew to New Orleans.  In 1780 William and his family were living in Carolina and a son, Dunnan, was born to him.  They moved to Tennessee a year later and William died there in 1802.  Dunnan married twice.  His third son, also Dunnan, was born in 1827.  In 1863 Dunnan juniors daughter Rosella was born.  She never married, but had several children, among them a son called Jesse Presley. In 1913 he married Minnie Mae and their son Vernon Elvis Presley was born in 1916.  Vernon married Gladys Love Smith in 1933 and their son Elvis Presley was born in January 1935.

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