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    Andy Warhol (1928-1987) Triple Elvis

    Andy Warhol (1928-1987)
    Triple Elvis sold for $82 million in November.

    IT was a great year for Christie’s in 2014.  Annual art sales were up 12% and topped £5.1 billion, beating the previous record for the fifth year in a row.  This is the highest total in the history of the art market.

    Online only sales amounted to £214 million and digital access and geographic activity like the opening in October of the Empire Building in Shanghai meant that 30% of buyers last year were new to Christie’s.  Sales of Post War and Contemporary art were up b y 33% to £1.7 billion. There was a 48% rise in works sold over $10 million. The top sellers were paintings by Francis Bacon, Barnett Newman, Cy Twombly and Andy Warhol.

    Auction sales were up 10% to £4.2 billion. It was a record year for luxury goods such as jewellery.

    Christie’s sales grew by 12% during 2014 and the team has succeeded by focusing on the art and connecting it to a growing global audience,” said Patricia Barbizet, Chief Executive Officer, Christie’s. “We continue to lead the art market by offering the broadest opportunity to collectors globally. The top end of the market grew during the year as evidenced by the 48% increase in works sold above $10 million. Our strategy to develop in new markets such as China and India and in new channels such as Private Sales and eCommerce, has further propelled the global growth of our business. Our focus remains on serving our clients whenever and however they choose to connect with art, through auctions, exhibitions or online.”

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