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    THE Lavit Gallery, home of Cork Arts Society, celebrates its 50th anniversary today with an exhibition by artists who have shown there.  The Lavit 50 Years On features work by John Behan, Liam Belton, Ana Duncan, James English, Mike Fitzharris, Tim Goulding, Arthur Maderson, Eilis O’ Connell, Michael Quane, Thomas Ryan and Neil Shawcross and Robert Ballagh. Plans for forthcoming exhibitions in 2013 include Gallery Friends in cooperation with the Taylor and Solomon Galleries in Dublin and the Cauldwell Gallery in Belfast.  Set up by artists to promote an interest in the arts in Cork it shows the work of over 200 artists. Here is a small selection from the show, which runs until March 16.

    John Behan RHA, Coracle.

    Arthur Maderson – In a glancing light – Tallow Horse Fair.

    Mike Fitzharris, La Mesa del Torero.

    Robert Ballagh – Thomas Russell.

    Michael Quane Dayrocker – Kilkenny marble.

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