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    Nearly 300 works of iconic contemporary art, modern art and fine furniture from the Gunter Sachs collection will be sold at Sotheby’s in London on May 22. Heir to two automotive empires, once married to Brigitte Bardot, and friend of Andy Warhol, the sale sheds light on his little-known side as one of the most visionary collectors of the 20th century.

    Included in the auction are Pop Art masterpieces, sensational decorative pieces such as Allen Jones’ provocative, life-sized “mannequin” hatstand, chair and table, Modern and Surrealist art, decorative art and 20th century design. The collection is expected to bring in more than £20 million.  (See post on for March 12, 2012). Here is a selection:

    ANDY WARHOL 1928 - 1987 BRIGITTE BARDOT (£3-£4 million). Click to enlarge. UPDATE: THIS MADE £3,009,250.

    YVES KLEIN 1928 - 1962 SE 162 (£150,000-200,000). Click to enlarge. UPDATE: THIS MADE £265,250

    DIEGO GIACOMETTI 1902 - 1985 'TABLE BASSE AUX DOMPTEUSES'. (£250,000-350,000). Click on image to enlarge. UPDATE: THS MADE £541,250.

    ALLEN JONES B.1937 CHAIR (£30,000-40,000). Click to enlarge. UPDATE: THIS MADE £836,450.


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