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    Patrick Scott (b1921). A box of pippins (1949). (Click on image to enlarge).

    The work of the White Stag group of painters, who flourished in Dublin during the Second World War, is on exhibition at the Ava Gallery at Adam’s, Clandeboye in Northern Ireland from October 19 to November 4.

    The White Stag was a group of artists centred round the painters Basil Rákóczi and Kenneth Hall.   Founded in London in 1935, the group moved to Ireland in 1939 and stayed until just after the Second World War, living, painting and exhibiting mainly in Dublin after a brief spell in the West of Ireland.  It gained a number of Irish members that included Thurloe Conolly, Paul Egestorff, Stephen Gilbert (from Carrickfergus) and Patrick Scott, all of whom are represented in this exhibition, alongside Rákóczi and Hall, and Parisian Georgette Rondel.

    Their work helped liberalise Irish art and artists from the grip of an ultra conservative Irish culture, during the 1940’s. The exhibition is curated by David Britton of Adam’s who remarked: “Their work was more avant-garde than anything yet seen in Ireland.  As a result, they paved the way for a more liberal consensus in Irish art”. The exhibition has been sourced from private collections in Ireland and abroad.  All work is for sale at prices ranging from £475 to £15,000.

    Kenneth Hall (1913-1946). Train II. (Click on image to enlarge).

    Basil Ivan Rakoczi (1908-1979), Le Jardin (1949). (click on image to enlarge).

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