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    Jane Seymour, after Holbein. Update: it made 1,600. (click on image to enlarge)

    This antique Georgian portrait of Jane Seymour after Hans Holbein the Younger comes up at the Woodwards sale in Cork on September 22 next.

    Jane Seymour, Queen Consort of England, was the third wife of Henry VIII.  She married in 1536 shortly after the execution of Anne Boleyn and in 1537 gave him the male heir, Edward, he badly wanted. She was never crowned queen because there was plague in London when the coronation was to take place.
    Jane Seymour died of a childbirth infection. Her son became the short reigning Edward VI but he in turn died aged 15.
    The painting is estimated at 500-1,000.
    The sale features a selection of antique furniture. Georgian pieces include an Irish sideboard, a longcase clock by R.H. Thomas, Fermoy, an Irish mahogany peat bucket, a wine cooler, a teapoy, a chest of drawers, a three tier circular dumb waiter, a walnut card table, a linen press, a pair of ornate hall chairs and a pair of waterfall bookcases.
    There is a Regency brass inlaid card table, a set of six Chippendale dining chairs, a Victorian oval centre table, an inlaid satinwood kidney shaped desk, a rosewood chest, an inlaid display
    cabinet and a Regency display cabinet.
    The Woodwards sale is at 6 p.m. and features a selection antique furniture and some contemporary Irish art.
    UPDATE:  The painting made 1,600 and was sold to an Irish buyer.

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