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    This original copy of the Irish Proclamation made €170,000 at hammer.

    An original copy of the Irish Proclamation made a hammer price of €170,000 at Fonsie Mealy’s Christmas rare books and collectors sale in Dublin today. It was printed at Liberty Hall, Dublin, under the protection of soldiers of the Irish Citizen Army, on Easter Sunday, 1916. A first edition of Ulysses by James Joyce, number 149 of 1000 copies published by Shakespeare and Co,. in Paris in 1922, made €16,000. A 1936 copy of the first UK edition signed by Joyce made €9,500; The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies, a fragment of a work in progress (i.e. Finnegan’s Wake) signed by James and Lucia Joyce made €11,000; a 1934 letter from James Joyce to Thomas Pugh seeking photographs of scenes mentioned in Ulysses for his American publisher made €16,000. In this letter Joyce asks if Pugh knows of any illustrated weekly published in Dublin around 1904, for the use of the French painter Henri Matisse, who is working on designs for a new edition-de-luxe of Ulysses. An illustrated copy of Ulysses signed by both James Joyce and Henri Matisse made €9,000 and a signed limited edition of Finnegan’s Wake made €3,600.

    A folio of ten large watercolours of Ireland’s geological landscape by George Victor du Noyer made €16,000. A file of 1901-03 unpublished letters relating to the Irish theatre by Frank Fay made €11,000, An argument on behalf of the Catholics of Ireland signed by Wolfe Tone made €10,000, The Aran Islands by Synge with drawings by Yeats and signed by both made €9,000, a facsimile of The Lindisfarne Gospels made €6,600 and a facsimile of The Book of Kells made €5,000. A Little Fleet by Jack B Yeats made €6,200, a collection of Broadsides by Jack B Yeats and others made €5,100, a first edition of At Swim Two Birds with an inscription by Flann O’Brien made €5,400, a 1958 self published Recent Poems by Patrick Kavanagh made €3,800 and a complete set of Kavanagh’s Weekly signed by Kavanagh made €3,600. A rare Irish trial piece 20p coin made €4,000, the accounts by Michael Collins for the Treaty Negotiations made €3,200, a heavy blackthorn shillelagh by tradition belonging to Michael Collins made €4,000 and a collection of Beatles signatures made €3,000.

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