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    Desmond Guinness, founder of the Irish Georgian Society, has died aged 88. The Society said on their website: “We are indebted to his legacy in founding the Irish Georgian Society in 1958, together with the late Mariga Guinness. He boldly championed the cause of Ireland’s architectural heritage at a time when it faced great challenges through neglect and the threat of demolition from new development. In spite of hostility in some quarters, through his ardent campaigning, educating and working to save numerous buildings we are surrounded by a rich legacy of historic buildings saved to be celebrated as an integral part of our culture and identity. He has inspired us all and, for the thousands of members and supporters of the Irish Georgian Society in Ireland and around the world, Desmond has truly been a Conservation Hero.”

    He was the second son of author and brewer Bryan Guinness, 2nd Baron Moyne, and Diana Mitford (later Lady Mosley).

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