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    A match ticket to the Bloody Sunday game in 1920 .UPDATE: THIS MADE 1,400

    An historic match ticket to the fateful Bloody Sunday game between Tipperary and Dublin at Croke Park comes up at Mealy’s  rare books sale in Dublin on April 25.  The ticket, which is worn, is a survivor of one of the most significant events to take place during the Irish War of Independence.   On November 21, 1920 British Forces opened fire on an unarmed crowd attending a GAA football match killing 14 civilians.  Earlier that day the IRA mounted an operation to assassinate a team of undercover British agents in Dublin.  Later that evening three Republican prisoners detained in Dublin Castle were killed.  In total 31 people were killed in Dublin on that day.  Mealy’s estimate the ticket at 1,500-2,000. UPDATE: IT SOLD FOR 1,400.

    The venue for the 350 lot sale, which is entitled Ireland’s Struggle, is the Berkeley Court Hotel in Dublin.  It will feature historical documents, broadsides, pamphlets, newspapers, postcards, militaria, photographs and books.

    (See post on for April 13)

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