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    An historic ship’s manifest at Marshs auction in Cork on Saturday, March 10 harks back to the days when the Cork Butter Exchange was the largest butter market in the world.  Butter from Munster’s rich dairyland was exported in huge quantities from the city.  A framed manifest dated August 17, 1785 at the auction contains details of one such shipment.  It details the export of about 50 firkins of new loose butter “in good order and condition” shipped by William Crawford of Cork to London. A firkin is an old unit of measurement equivalent to about a quarter barrell.  It was sent on a vessel called the Thomas anchored in the river of Cork.  The manifest is signed by both William Crawford and Sam Seldon, skipper and master of the Thomas.  The freight charge was 25 shillings.  Cork city retains a Butter Museum in Shandon to this day. The sale features  a selection of antique furniture, porcelain, clocks, books and collectibles.

    The 1785 ship's bill of lading at Marshs. UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR 500.

    This vitrine is at Marshs auction in Cork on March 10. UPDATE: It sold for 1,000 euro after the auction.

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