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    AT this time of giving three new books from Irish publishers might be of interest.  Plurabelle Publishing Ltd. of 33B Daniel St., Dublin 8 launched a Dictionary of Living Irish Artists this year.  It features 200 living Irish artists and full colour images of the work of each one of them along with biographical information.  It is written by Robert O’Byrne.  More information is available on
    Tarquin Blake’s Abandoned Mansions of Ireland documents what is left of 50 mansion houses throughout the length and breadth of this country. It includes Mountpelier Lodge (Dublin Hellfire Club), the birthplaces of Daniel O’Connell (Carhen House) and the Duke of Wellington (Dangan Castle) and the home of Grace O’Malley (Bunowen Castle).  It is published by The Collins Press of Cork. (
    Also from The Collins Press comes Privilege & Poverty, the life and times and Irish painter and naturalist Alexander Williams RHA (1846-1930). He was an apprentice hatter, a taxidermist and a professional singer and is credited with being one of the first artists to open up the west of Ireland and in particular Achill Island to a wide audience.  This is written by Gordon T. Ledbetter.

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