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    Whyte’s history, literature and collectibles sale in Dublin on November 13 features an interesting collection of letters and ephemera relating to Frederick Wallingford Whitridge, American envoy to the wedding of King Alfonso and Princess Ena of Battenberg, a niece of King Edward VII of Great Britain, and granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

    It includes an official appointment document signed by President Theodore Roosevelt and dated April 25, 1906.  This nominates him as: “Ambassador Extraordinary of the United States of America on Special Mission as the representative of the United States government on the occasion of the wedding of King Alphonso XIII of Spain in June 1906″.

    Other documents include a letter by Secretary of State Elihu Root, transmitting the commission to Whitridge and referring to a letter from President Roosevelt to be presented to the King of Spain by Whitridge.
    There are two typed letters on White House notepaper dated April 9 and 26, 1906 respectively: a congratulatory letter and the second refers to the enclosure of two letters from Roosevelt to King Edward VII of England and the German Emperor; there is a report of the mission which includes details of an attempt to assassinate King Alfonso when a bomb was thrown as the Royal Carriage passed.  This refers to the numbers killed and wounded.
    The collection of 22 items is estimated at 1,000-1,500 euro.

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