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    Friday, March 3rd, 2017

    A rare group of paintings by Liu Dan  will lead Sotheby’s Contemporary Ink Art sale in Hong Kong on April 4.  Works by the artist in the sale span four decades from 1979 to 2013.  Liu, who was born in 1953, has produced an exhilarating legacy of physical grandeur, spiritual immensity and lyrical power.

    With more than 70 lots on offer the sale will focus on significant moments and artistic milestones for pioneers of contemporary ink art working around the world.  These range from experimental calligraphy works by Bokujinkai leaders in 1950’s Japan, to landscapes by early masters such as Lui Shoukwan and Liu Guosong, to a subsequent generation of artists including Li Jin, Xu Lei, Qiu Deshu and Peng Jian.

    Katherine Don, Head of Contemporary Ink Art, Sotheby’s Hong Kong, said: “In a time when collectors are exceptionally discerning of quality and value in acquiring art, we see growing market interest in time-tested pieces with established track records and artistic significance. This season, collectors will find museum-quality works by thought leaders in the ink art genre, who are not only guardians of cultural heritage, but also innovators who create fresh works that respond to globally-relevant issues of our time. We hope our meticulously curated sale this April will provide connoisseurs and ink art lovers a glimpse into a dynamic world of conceptually engaging, technically awe-inspiring and art-historically relevant contemporary art.”

    Liu Dan (b.1953), Airy Mountains, Rushy Glens after Li Tang, 2004 (US$520,000 – 775,000)  UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR US$600,208