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FROM Robert Boyle, father of modern chemistry to Gulliver’s Travels author Dean Swift to James Joyce the Ricardi Moore Collection offers much of huge interest to book collectors. The 18th century gentleman’s library from Barne Park in Co. Tipperary is to be sold by Mealy’s on April 24.  More than 880 lots including many rarities will be offered at the Berkeley Court Hotel in Dublin.  Richard Moore (1716-1771), founder of the library at Barne Park, was High Sheriff of Tipperary in 1744 and  represented the borough of Kells in parliament from 1757 to 1768. His eldest son Thomas succeeded him and maintained his fathers interest, adding a number of books inscribed with his name.  The collection, though not particularly large, is impressive in its wide ranging interests and scholarly content.  This is the first of two days of sales by Mealy’s Rare Books (see post on antiquesandartireland.com for April 13).  The catalogue is on-line. Here is a small selection:

A 1760 edition of the works of Dr. Jonathan Swift (600-800). Click on image to enlarge. UPDATE: THIS MADE 1,100

Rare Composite Atlas, maps after De la Rochette, d’Anville, Kitchen & others, dated c. 1778-1810 (4,000-6,000). Click on image to enlarge. UPDATE: THIS LOT SOLD FOR 2,500.

Five Important Documents Relating to County Kildare 1569: Signed by The Earl of Kildare. (750-1,250). Click on image to enlarge. UPDATE: THIS MADE 2,400

A first American edition of Finnegan’s Wake,1939, (550-750). UPDATE: THIS MADE 600

A 1692 edition of Boyle's General History of Air (1,800-2,200). Click on image to enlarge. UPDATE: THIS SOLD FOR 6,500

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